12 Step Guide to Enhance Your Social Media Engagement

12 Step Guide to Enhance Your Social Media Engagement


Before we start the article, let’s have a look at some astonishing statistics. The overall population of the world currently stands at 7.1 billion. Among them, there are nearly 3 billion people who have access to the internet. Out of these 3 billion people, 2.1 are progressively active on social media. And finally, 1.7 billion out of the 2.1 billion are using social media on their mobile devices. That’s a huge number!

Well, the thing to notice here is the reach social media and the potential social media engagement and digital marketing services can deliver to your business irrespective of its size. However, what is social media engagement and how can you enhance your engagement with your customers via social media?

What is social media engagement?

Prior to discussing the techniques to improve social media engagement with your customers, let’s first try to figure out what it actually is? So by definition, it measures the public shares, likes and comments on the social media posts based on your service, product or brand. However, it’s not merely an interaction with your clients or customers; social media engagement is building and maintaining a long-term business relationship with them.

Remember, social media is a place where people connect, share content and associate with each other. When a customer engages with your social media content, it shows that they trust you. As a business, and in order to gain maximum ROI, you should nurture this trust and keep on building this relationship.

Now that we are aware of the fundamental definition of social media engagement, let’s try to figure out, how someone can improve its engagement with customers using social media.

Here are some of the steps that can lead to an enhanced social media engagement strategy for a business and can result in better lead generation and profit;

Start the conversation with your social media followers

One of the most convenient ways to have good customer engagement is to have a good conversation with them. You can start your conversation by asking some questions about your products, service or customer’s experience with your organization. This is the first step that opens the channel for both – the business and the customers to have a one on one interaction and know each other better.

Mention your followers

Do you want to connect deeply with your customers? If yes, then you must try to mention your super-fan in your social media posts. Have you ever came across the term ‘brand enthusiasts’? Yes, there are a bunch of people who are always inclined towards your brand, products or services. Try to leverage their enthusiasm by mentioning them in your posts. This shows that you recognize your clientele and give them a feeling of exclusivity. As a follower, fan or user, being recognized on social media is always an amazing feeling. Try to use it and watch the improvement in engagement.

Connect your content with current events

Yes, connect your content with the current events. Your social media followers are real people just like you and me. They also read and listen to the news (well maybe not all of them), and are interested in knowing what’s going on in the world right now. So it’s always a plus for improving the media engagement to connect your post with any current event. Events can be;

  • Elections
  • Halloween
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Veterans’ Day
  • Father’s or Mother’s Day
  • Easter
  • Independence Day
  • Christmas
  • Thanksgiving
  • Super Bowl

Respond to customer issues

An engagement is not merely a round of questions and answers. One has to also deal with some of the issues faced by the customers and mentioned in their social media posts. Whether or not they ask for a solution from you, it’s always advisable for you to be up-front and respond to the customer’s issues wherever your name has been mentioned in a social media post.

Ask specific and precise questions

Asking simple and straightforward questions is one of the fastest ways to start an engagement on social media and it’s not even hard to do. Just ask your followers what they deeply care about the most. You’ll be amazed to see the response and the improvement in the rate of social media engagement.

Ask me anything sessions

There’s a whole lot of curiosity amongst your followers and Ask me anything sessions provide them an opportunity to get their all doubts, and curiosity, cleared. This also offers an open door opportunity for your business to gain the trust of your followers.

Use hashtags for your posts

Using accurate hashtags in your social media posts is one of the most important tasks for a better social media engagement. There are some extremely popular hashtags available on various social media platforms that can be used by business professionals for enhanced social media engagement. However, some businesses are using their own hashtags and are successfully running their social media campaigns.

Respond to the post where your business is mentioned

There are so many posts on social media that might be mentioning your brand name in them. Try to respond to those posts, as these posts indicate that the follower is directly approaching you for an engagement. Be prepared, the post might not always be a positive one. You have to be ready to tackle these followers and try to gain their trust and see how your social media engagement improves.

Ask for feedback

No matter how perfect you are, there’s always room for some improvement. The best way to improve your brand and most importantly, your social media engagement, is to ask for feedback from your followers. With the help of these feedbacks, you can surely enhance your social media engagement.

Respond to user’s hashtags that relates to your business

It’s always a good idea to use a hashtag and hope for followers to engage in a conversation. However, not every time you may get the expected response. So, to get things going in a hassle-free manner, look for the posts where the hashtags related to your business are used and respond to them. Remember, social media is all about connecting with various people and a conversation can start from both the ends. You get what you give. Give people engagement, and they will do the same for you.

Conduct surveys and polls

Surveys and polls are the best way to understand what your followers are thinking. The possibility of better social media engagement is directly proportional to how much you know your followers. Polls and surveys allow you to post the content that resonates better with your clients. While surfing on social media platforms you might have come across such surveys; this is because every business is keen to know the preference of its followers to have better social media and sales strategies.

Show gratitude to your followers

Followers on social media want to know whether the brand that they are following is handled by humans. To prove that, try to be generous towards them and show your gratitude to the followers. Irrespective of the content, i.e whether the post is actually a complement or a complaint against your product, always try to sympathize and empathize with them. This builds a channel of trust towards you and your brand. Try this and see the improvement in the number of social media engagement with your followers.

Let’s recapitulate

Social media engagement is a good mean to reach out to a maximum number of customers instantly. To gain maximum out of the social media promotions it’s crucial to have a full-proof social media strategy. Use the above steps and witness the growth in your social media engagements with your customers and above all witness the improvement in your lead generation.

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Nick Piolotto is a software engineer with the passion for writing and sharing his thoughts, Knowledge and experience with the world through his blogs. His expertise lies in digital marketing and use of modern technology in brand promotions.

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