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Cass Murray

CLM Careers is a Recruitment Consultancy Firm specializing in placing top performers with exceptional companies. We help companies like yours win the War for Talent, even over larger companies.

With just over a decade in Recruitment, I’ve interviewed thousands of candidates, worked side by side with hiring staff, and understand what a company needs to not only survive but to THRIVE.

We identify TOP talent through a unique recruitment marketing process using the same techniques as large firm’s top headhunters and recruiters in the industry without the same blacklist of clients.

We don’t post your opportunity on job boards to the 18% looking for a J.O.B. We MARKET to top performers and SELL your Employer Brand.

Our signature methodology, ‘The Road Map to Top Talent’ helps you position your company as ‘Best in Class’ and markets to the best talent, not just the applicants who are scrolling on job boards. Recruit, Hire, Onboard, and Retain the top 10% of talent nationwide. We’re not just a recruitment company, we’re a recruitment partner that helps you obtain your career goals.