All About the Google’s New Zero-Result Search Engine Result Pages

All About the Google’s New Zero-Result Search Engine Result Pages



Google, being the most widely used search engine, has to constantly come up with ideas and methods to improve its performance. In a recent development, the organic SEO positions on the search engine result pages were found to be replaced by certain features like full site links, image results, top stories, in-depth articles, tweets (carousel and single).


Earlier, when we searched for a specific keyword on Google, the search engine result page showed 10 traditional organic results on the first page but over the time, the number of these organic SEO results reduced to a mere 3-4 in most of the cases. If you have a look at the functionalities of the Google Assistant on small screened devices like mobile phones, features like voice search are known to produce precise and accurate results directly, without even directing the User Interface of the smartphone to display the search engine results. Another example that should be paid some attention is that of the search results on the Google powered browser, that is, the Google Chrome. If you use Google frequently on the Chrome, the smart algorithms display accurate and precise results even before you are done writing the complete phrase. Thus, cutting off the need to even check the organic results on the search engines.


On the other hand, the search results on bigger devices like desktops followed an entirely different trend. Unlike short and precise results, the organic search results for keywords on these devices are dominated by knowledge cards, image and Twitter results, limiting the organic results with each of these features taking up one organic position and three in-depth articles taking one organic position. The dominance of these features for some of the keywords goes up to such an extent that the organic results on the SERPs get minimized to zero. Thus, giving rise to the term Zero Result SERPs. However new and unexpected this change might seem, the well versed SEO consultants had already seen it coming. Google has worked upon its algorithms in such a manner that at times it becomes hard to determine if  a result is organic or not.


Letting your thoughts free is not a very hard thing to do but the sole aim, at any point in time, cannot be sidelined. On most of the occasions, the answers to certain queries are not definite and then there are queries that are not interrogative. In some of the cases, keywords show organic results while the knowledge cards return a precise result. And then there are questions that do not have a definite answer, on such instances a Featured Snippet comes into play instead of the knowledge cards. Such searches can be referred to as “open informational” searches. SEO company is expecting some organic SEO opportunities in this field in the near future. The ultimate target remains to get along with the changes and advancements being introduced by Google. As per the new policies of the zero result SERPs, if organic results fail to add any value to the query of the user, their number on the search engine result pages will keep on decreasing.

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