How I Took One of My Project Sales From $2000 to $28000 Per Month?

How I Took One of My Project Sales From $2000 to $28000 Per Month?

My Project Sales

Identifying Problem With the Website

First and foremost, the project had some basic issues with the design of the site, in which I had noticed right away. Initially, the client was not willing to change the design, but eventually, I was able to convince him to change his mind as I swayed him with good reason   – a website needs to be user friendly or customer oriented, otherwise your business website will not be successful.

It’s not uncommon that many business owners and entrepreneurs fail to recognize these simply issues of their site. For your website to be successful, it should not only look good but provide a seamless user experience for visitors. Good usability can really improve the performance of your website and can really increase your chances of success. It also is proven to boost sales and revenue for your business.

It’s absolutely necessary for business owners to identify this problem – and when you do it will set you apart from your competition.

After coms, tweaks, and changes in site layout, I was able to make the website more user friendly and surely enough, my client’s website started ranking and traffic was dramatically improved.

My Project Sales

Implementing New Link Building Strategies

Next we want to focus on link building. Link building is necessary when it comes to SEO. Believe it or not, links can really help generate your pages to rank high on Google search results.

Link building is all about building relationship with other websites over the internet. Before you waste your time, it’s essential to develop a strategy, an effective plan that puts you on the top, attracts the right high quality links to you and sustains your search rankings.

And side note – if you have talent to impress other people in your industry then you are the man!

But despite of all negative use or spam in the online market, there are still few methods which are not black or white but a win-win for the search engine and SEO experts, they are:

  • Backlinks will definitely get you more (referral traffic) on your site.
  • Guest posting on legitimate and relatable sites is also a great way to link build.
  • Utilizing the powerful social media platforms for growing, reaching out and getting links. Make sure you tweet about your blog, send tweets out to people, and share your content on Facebook.

These are some ways that helped me rank and improve my traffic like never before. Just remember a successful link building strategy is to always aim to bring in a new audience to your website.

Making YouTube Videos

If you didn’t know by now, YouTube Videos are a powerful marketing tool that should not be ignored! It may seem intimidating at first, but can easily be utilized. In this generation, video is used more frequently and is one to take advantage of.

There are many reasons why video marketing will improve your success, here are 3:

  • 50% of users are using their mobile-devices – YouTube is the second largest search engine and is a strong tool to use for your SEO. And if you didn’t notice by now, when you search most things on Google, YouTube videos appear on the first page.
  • Gain Access to a Larger Audience – With millions of users on YouTube, you have the ability to gain access to an entirely new audience while presenting your brand in a new way.
  • Video Builds Trust – Trust is the foundation of conversions and sales. Ditch the sales pitch and use video as a new way of engaging your customers. Creating videos allows you to sound less “salesy” and more natural, while allowing your customers to get to know you personally.

Adding videos on my client’s website definitely made a difference – even if it was only one or two videos, it seemed to help boost engagement and traffic.

Creating Infographics

Infographics is another great way to keep your customers or visitors interested. Infographics has become one of the most leading forms of visual content on the web – and if you are not already on the bandwagon, you better get to it! Why? Here are 4 good reasons why you should consider:

  • Infographics is an excellent way to visually showcase and communicate complex data. Human beings are typically visual people – and let’s be real, who really wants to be reading a text-heavy article when they can just visually see and understand it better.
  • Infographics can easily go viral. Millions of people across the world can share your infographics across all social media platforms. If it’s just that good, then who knows, your infographic could go viral.
  • Helps increase SEO. If you are looking to boost your rankings on Google, you can definitely count on infographics to help you out. When you create an infographic, you can add an alt text, a title, and a description that uses the target keywords your business typically generates. Don’t forget to also share your infographic on your blog, and social media platforms to help you increase those ratings.
  • Makes Your Site More Appealing. With the use of infographics, your website will become more eye-catching! It helps you to organize information into one simple attractive graphic.

Created infographics helped me a lot to drive in more targeted traffic.

It helped the website in increasing the overall visibility of the website in the eye of the search engine.

Focusing on Customer Searches and Queries

Customers are the most important party in any business. It all comes down to what they are searching and their queries.

Using helpful tools such as Google Analytics can help you narrow down which keywords your customers are using in order to pull up a list of results.

When you know your customers and their needs; the chances are high that you will never disappoint your customers.

Focusing on Customer Searches and Queries

Working as a Team

I always consider myself a one man army! Despite my passion and love for marketing; I have found that we are nothing without a team.

Team is what will drive any project or company to the new height of success.

From data entry to social sharing, creating content and promoting it through my guest blogging; I was blessed with great team. The team effort help to drive the sales from $2,000 to $28,000 within 3 months.

Sharing the Exact Picture

Never hide your knowledge. Knowledge is one source of true power and can control the words.

One of my strong qualities is I am very honest and genuine. I am always open to my clients and even if I am unable to take on the project, they can count on me to let them know.

Sharing the exact picture month after month has given me inspiration and courage to work even harder.

I achieved the desired results because I was honest and loyal to myself as well as to my client.

And that is what it takes to become successful entrepreneur.

Author: Usman Raza

Usman Raza is a freelance writer, marketing specialist and co-founder of Usman Digital Media. When not working, he’s probably spending time with his family. Follow him on Facebook @usmanraza40 and Twitter @usmanintrotech.

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