Outreach Specialist

Outreach Specialist

Your Outreach Specialist Grows Your Business By Word of Mouth



Real Relationships.

The Human Touch.

When was the last time your brand was mentioned on an authoritative site like Forbes, Huffington Post, Tech.co, Smallbizclub.com, Customerthink.com, CEO.com or TheDailyMeal.com?

How often do customers spread the word about your product or services?

How much business comes from referrals?

AS SEO Outreach Specialist, Usman Digital Media can drastically change these statistics for your brand. Here are some of the sample posts on top authority sites:







Outreach is about building relationships, the human touch. This is how we are going to do it for your brand.

With 5 years being successful as an SEO outreach specialist, Usman Digital Media confidently promises

To Build Your Network

Blogging is a highly effective social tool for businesses. Your own blog shares valuable information to potential clients. Each industry has its own network of bloggers; it’s own professional bloggers with a sphere of influence. Your outreach specialist will help you build and expand your network and increase your sphere of influence.

Digital Marketing Media has an outreach strategy that is highly successful and effective.

  • Blogging Network and Guest Posts. We have bloggers we work with whom we can approach for guest blogging opportunities. We have the expertise to research and to approach the bloggers in your industry. You don’t have to do the research, we will.
  • Authority Sites. Get your brand name mentioned on authority sites like Tech.co, Forbes, Huffington post, Smallbizclub.com, Customerthink.com, CEO.com, and under30ceo.com. Our CEO and founder has authorship on authority sites where he can promote your brand.
  • Niche Analysis. We will check and analyze your client niche. Then we will guest post on your behalf in top authority sites relevant to your niche—there where your clients are. We have the experience and the authors in your industry, be it the medical, healthcare, business, SEO, digital marketing, social media technology…

Let’s build relationships with your clients the “old fashioned way”—personal relationships where clients and customers tell others about you…

Where your business is built on referrals from happy clients…

Where clients are loyal and recurring clients because you’ve built a relationship with them and kept them up to date with newsletters, email letters, and articles…

Make the call today and chat to Usman about the outreach strategy personalized for your business. Skype contact Usman Raza at usman.raza62 or email him at usman.raza@usmandigitalmedia.com