Paediatric Dentistry: Discover the Best Dentist for Your Child

Paediatric Dentistry: Discover the Best Dentist for Your Child


Making sure your children keep their teeth healthy is a worry for any parent. But did you know Paediatric Dentists are different from regular dentists? Learning more about their treatments and procedures can help you choose the best care provider for your child’s teeth.

What Is Paediatric Dentistry?  

To practice dentistry, any professional is required to become licensed by passing a National Board Dental Examination. However, if they want to practice dentistry for children and infants, they must undertake an additional two years of training in paediatric dental surgery. While any dentist can treat children once they begin to practice, but they cannot call themselves a Paediatric Dentist – a specialist position.

Not only do Paediatric Dentists specialise in children’s oral health, but they also learn how to engage with babies and children with special needs. This means when children attend for a dental appointment, the paediatric specialist knows how best to keep them calm, comfortable, and reassured.

Many children fear a visit to the dentist, and one bad experience is enough to make future trips stressful and upsetting – something any parent wants to avoid.  A Paediatric Dentist is trained to prevent this by making their experience comfortable, relaxed, and even fun, where possible.

Importance of Paediatric Dental care 

Fear of the dentist’s chair is also common in adults; many adults have anxiety about going to the dentist, and this can impact on their dental health in the short-term. For children’s oral health, getting them comfortable with trips to the dentist means we prevent future problems and long-term dental concerns.  

Moreover, Paediatric Dentists look after your child’s oral development, such as their tooth alignment, skeletal system, and can provide orthodontic appliances to correct any issues. Baby teeth will begin to fall out from age six onwards, but many will remain in place until your child becomes a teen and will require a different approach.

Making sure your kids visit their Paediatric Dentist regularly means you receive expert advice on keeping their teeth and mouth clean. As soon as their first tooth appears, or before they reach their first birthday, their first check-up is due.

Each time the Paediatric Dentist examines your child’s teeth, they can see if any poor brushing techniques may be developing, or spot damage caused by certain foods. While this may not be obvious to parents when they check their child’s teeth, a specialist can see it immediately.

Teaching your children to develop a good oral hygiene routine is something your dentist will also assist you with. By caring properly for their baby teeth as soon as they come through, they will get the best start possible, reducing dental issues in later life. Look at trips to the Paediatric Dentist as an investment in your child’s future health and wellbeing.

During your appointment, your child’s dentist will recommend brushing techniques, specific brushes, and brands of toothpaste to use – particularly for infant tooth and gum care. Preventative care can be taken by gently wiping down your baby’s gums with a soft damp cloth after each feed. Your dentist will advise on everything you can do to ensure good oral hygiene for your baby at such a vital stage of their tooth development.

How to Discover a Paediatric Dentist I can trust? 

There are several things to consider when choosing a Paediatric Dentist for your child. You need to feel as comfortable as your child. But how do you find a professional you can trust?

Understand about Paediatric Dentists’ specialist skills

By educating yourself on what Paediatric Dentists do and how they are more specialised than other dentists, you will know what you’re looking for. Don’t feel as though you are being overly concerned about asking questions about their training and qualifications. Any licensed dental practice will be more than happy to answer these questions to put your mind at ease.

Ask for recommendations from other parents

What better way to know how a Paediatric Dentist interacts with their young patients than to ask other parents or guardians? Knowing they trust their dentist to care for their child’s oral health is the best indication of a reassuring service. Other parents are likely to be completely honest with their judgement, so you can take their comments on board, and make the right choice for your child.

Check they accept emergency patients

Just like anything in life, dental emergencies can happen, but not all surgeries offer emergency appointments. Say your child falls and chips their tooth, and you need an Emergency Dentist in Amersham, but your local surgery only offers routine appointments, you may have to travel to another town. By checking whether they provide urgent appointments, you can feel reassured your child will always get the best possible dental care, even in an emergency situation.

Make a visit to your local dental school

Dental schools will be happy to advise you on Paediatric Dentists who have graduated from the institution, as well as explaining in depth the specific training and skills they teach.

You may even want to consider making the school your child’s regular dental practice, as their trainee Paediatric Dentists are under supervision from dental teaching experts. Some schools offer up to 50% discounts on the usual costs as an incentive, so this is also a cost-effective option.

Research individual dentists

Maybe there is a local practice which is convenient for you and offers all the services you require, but you want to know which Paediatric Dentists are practising there? By finding out the names of individual dentists, and conducting a little research of your own, you can easily compare their experience and specialist areas before meeting them.

Nothing is more important than choosing someone you trust with something as important as your child’s dental treatment and health.

Look for trusted online reviews

Nowadays, people are willing to share their reviews and comments online. With many trusted sites available, like Yelp, Google, and some specifically for reviewing dentists, take your time to browse online and gather as much information as possible.

Many practices will have parents’ testimonials on their websites; however, bear in mind, they will decide which ones to include. By researching reviews elsewhere, you can make up your own mind without feeling pressured.

Finding the right Paediatric Dentist for your child can benefit them for a lifetime, so take your time, and do whatever feels best for you and your family’s health.

Author: Usman Raza

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