Tips to Get Successful Marketing for Your Dental Business

Tips to Get Successful Marketing for Your Dental Business

Patients are turning to the internet when seeking out dental services. Is your business doing all it can to attract potential clients to your door? Here are nine tips to get successful marketing for your dental business.

Introduction to Dental Marketing Ideas


  • Online Presence (Essential)


Your online presence is a powerful tool that boosts your new patient signups, retains existing customers, and helps you stay a step ahead of your competitors. If your website is old, it will give the impression that your services are also behind the times. Have an engaging social media profile, keep your website and your contact information up-to-date, explain your services in easy to understand detail, use local search engine optimisation, or SEO, to help search engines direct customers to your door. Your website should be your virtual business card containing all the information needed for new and existing patients to contact you.    


  • Community Participation – Get to Know People/Network


Community participation is an efficient way to attract new custom. Make sure your business actively seeks out and participates in community events, both online and offline, to develop trust and ensure you keep your brand, message, services, and staff in the public eye. Consider sponsoring a local event, fun run, fundraiser, completing volunteer work, or sponsoring a local sports team.


  • Email Campaign (Marketing) – Send Offers & Discounts to Their Inbox


Email marketing is an effective form of revenue generation, but avoid spamming your clients as you will lose their attention. Options include news about your community engagement, tips to help patients have a better level of dental hygiene, customer success stories obtained with their approval, and important news relating to your business function, exciting new services, business milestones, and even staff success celebrations.


  • Join Online Communities


Online communities help you extend your reach in areas familiar to your potential clients. As well as demonstrating your professionalism, knowledge, and your engagement as an active community participant, online communities allow you to increase your digital footpath in comparison to your competitors. The goal should be to appear more frequently than your closest competitors, with the aim being that potential clients will begin to think of your brand first.



  • Facebook Marketing


With so many users actively using Facebook, it’s crucial to have a page potential patients can like and follow. The biggest benefit of Facebook marketing is that your current clients, provided they interact with your page, will help your posts appear in their friends’ newsfeeds. Obtain the professional touch by hiring a Dental Marketing Expert with a proven track record of increasing success across every aspect of your business.


  • Make Content Marketing Your Base to Attract More Traffic


Does your business create engaging articles and blogs that catch the eye of your potential patient base? Implement a regular publishing schedule which turns out effective, informative, fun, and relevant information that your client base is dying to read. Be consistent, add value to everything you publish, and anticipate your patients’ needs in advance to make sure each post exceeds their expectations.


  • Create an Offer They Can’t Beat


If you want to beat your competitors, you will need to create competition-beating offers your patients can’t refuse. Clients can’t pass a good deal, and perhaps your business can find a way to offer a discount up front that builds loyalty over a longer timeframe, such as a complimentary Teeth Whitening service for new patients.


  • Enhance Your Google My Business Page
  • Manage how customers view your business


With Google My Business, you have complete control over how your business appears online. Make sure each phrase, image, and caption truly reflect the mission, philosophy, and offerings of your business and you’ll capture more patient sign-ups.


  • Keep your info updated so people can find you


While you probably keep regular hours, there may be times your business closes early or shuts completely, such as on a bank holiday. Continually update your info, so your patients get the information they need to find you when they need you.


  • Turn snapshots into sales


Attractive images sell more than words alone could ever do. Make sure you update your business page with images that truly reflect what your business is doing right now. If you offer a new service – show it off with a  photograph.


  • Build loyalty by starting a conversation


Instead of just viewing reviews as they roll in, get involved and respond back to your patients. Thank them for positive reviews and take immediate action if something is wrong. Maintain a positive, professional tone and clients will reward you with their custom.


  • Bring in business by sharing what’s new


If you have new services or information, make sure you share it on your page. This will help you bring in new patients as they discover your practice and scroll through the website.


  • Create repeat business with regular updates


Once you’ve obtained a patient, you need to maintain your visibility to them to make sure they come back to you. To do this, create regular updates to remind patients of your presence.


  • Show Events, Blog Posts, Offers and more on Google Business Page


Instead of showing the same old posts that every dentist shares, consider adding in special events, links to interesting blog posts, and special offers. This will make your business appear more lively, up-to-date, and innovative when compared to your competition.


  • Get Easy Referrals from Patient Reviews


Ask your current patient base to complete review forms either via email or at reception and gain their consent to use these reviews in your marketing information. Even better, ask your patients to review your business directly on your site and build up a portfolio of testimonials which will demonstrate your service quality and trustworthiness in the community.

With a targeted, up-to-date, comprehensive online and offline strategy your dental business will be the leader in your area, strides ahead of your competition. Presence is everything, so make sure you are present everywhere your potential patients are.

Author: Usman Raza

Usman Raza is a freelance writer, marketing specialist and co-founder of Usman Digital Media. When not working, he’s probably spending time with his family. Follow him on Facebook @usmanraza40 and Twitter @usmanintrotech.

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