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“We specialize in black, grey, and traditional tattoo art,” says Angel. “We do grey wash and full colour; full colour and line work; dot work and most importantly we have very good experience in traditional neo-classical styles. Our artists constantly tell their customers that we are the one stop shop for all tattoo art. Our customers come to us because of our tattoo art expertise, not just our product line, and we believe that if we do not have something that is just what they were looking for, then they will find someone who can give it to them.” Says Angel “The One Day Studio concept has been a big hit with us and the people who buy from us are always happy with the results. We get great satisfaction from people who leave our tattoo shops with perfect tattoos on their bodies and we always try to make sure that we meet or beat our customer’s expectations when it comes to quality and design.” Tattoo Shop London – The Ultimate Destination For Your Body Piercing Supplies Tattoo shops in London are not just about the number of tattoo artists they have or the variety of designs they offer but there is something to be said for the quality of tattoo designs they offer as well. “Quality Custom Tattoos Under The Wings of Angel, London” is an example of quality tattoo art from a tattoo shop you will not want to miss. This shop has more than thirteen years experience and even two full-time artists to work with. Their tattoo designs are original and always have been created by their artist. “We pride ourselves on being number one. If people go into a tattoo shop here and don’t like what they see, we will send them home. It’s that simple. It’s a very simple business and we run it that way. If a customer is unhappy with our tattoo art, they should feel comfortable bringing it up with us first and then if we do not meet their expectations, we won’t be willing to re-work or refund the money.”